If you need a qualified, reliable, accurate, and fast interpreter for your upcoming deposition in Germany, I would be happy to accomodate you.

I have been accumulating vast experience in more than 10 years of deposition interpreting in Germany, Europe, and worldwide. Only in 2019 to date have I interpreted in four different mid- to long- term proceedings involving patent litigations, depositions, arbitrations, and court hearings in New York, Brussels, Frankfurt, and Cologne in the most various fields including, among many others, the automotive, engineering, photovoltaics, medical device, music, and insurance industry. 

Building up on my prior career as qualified legal secretary, I have a sound knowledge of the specific legal terminology and know what it takes to interpret your depositions smoothly and efficiently.

I am especially familiar with depositions at the US Consulate in Frankfurt, Germany.

Please contact me directly under

E-mail: carola.wark@t-online.de

Cell: 0049 - 172 - 176 00 72 

for a quotation for your next deposition. 

I also interpret with the language combination English/Italian and travel wherever you need me to.

Carola Wark  | carola.wark@t-online.de